Indian Origin Yoga

Our Classes

Clear your head, strengthen your core muscles and feel completely relaxed after one of our yoga classes. Our classes are taught from a true Indian perspective and have a strong focus on breathing and aligning mental and physical strength as well as increase flexibility.

The small group classes offer a lot of personal attention. As the instructor is from India, the classes are mainly taught in English, with Dutch translations available where necessary. Throughout the classes Indian yogic philosophies will be shared.

The lessons are open to everyone, young and old, small and wide and don't require any prior experience or knowledge. We adjust the exercises to the level of experience so the lessons are suitable to everyone's needs. Just wear comfortable clothes and come and have a look at one of our classes.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a classical form of yoga and for large groups of people still part of day to day life in India. The focus is on cleansing and energising the body as well as aligning body and mind. After warming up we will practice various standing, sitting and lying poses (assana) followed by breathing exercises (pranayam). We conclude these classes with final relaxation.

Chair yoga

The chair yoga classes are less strenuous and will mainly take place sitting down on or being supported by a chair. These classes can be practiced by everyone, but will be most enjoyed by people that find ordinary yoga classes too intense. These classes are concluded with a relaxation exercise.

Corporate yoga

The corporate yoga classes arespecially designed aimed at increasing the mental and physical health of office worker. These Hatha yoga classes focus on poses loosening the muscles often tensed when working behind the computer or under stressful conditions. 

Individual masterclasses

In addition to the small group classes, we offer individual masterclasses with your own personal trainer. These classes are specifically designed to your needs and desires. Private classes are a good way to start yoga, but also a good way to work to take the next step or focus on a specific yoga routine.